Facing My Giants: Overcoming Obstacles for Optimal Health
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Facing My Giants: Overcoming Obstacles for Optimal Health Facing My Giants: Overcoming Obstacles for Optimal Health

I wrote this book to share my personal journey with chronic illness, hoping to inspire and uplift those who are going through similar challenges. My aim is to provide a beacon of hope and light, offering practical insights and emotional support to my website viewers. By sharing my experiences and strategies, I aspire to create a sense of community and empowerment for individuals navigating the complexities of chronic illness.
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Health Warrior

Dawn Green– is a recovering Library Media Specialist with over 23 years’ experience working with students and adults. She is an avid reader and has become an aficionado health expert, clocking over 20,000 research and study hours of the human body in her quest for answers to her health challenges.

As an inspiring author, Dawn is on a mission to share her extraordinary healing journey with the world and promote the importance of advocating for doctors to listen to their patients. This memoir is a powerful testament to her indomitable spirit. Join her on this profound journey of resilience, redemption, and self-discovery.

When not doing extensive research, Dawn Green enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves traveling, going to the theatre and museums, playing board games, doing arts and crafts and studying Hebrew.

Dawn G. Green

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About book


hen we are sick, we often rely solely on the expertise of medical professionals. In our desperation, we look to their years of training and experience to unlock the mystery of our suffering. Sometimes their limitations leave us disappointed
and frustrated.

Come along to explore the tools necessary to be your own health advocate and to work in conjunction with your doctor to achieve the lifelong health benefits you desire and deserve through a self-prescribed plan tailored to your unique needs. In Facing My Giants, Dawn Green illuminates your path to inspire you to discover and embrace the understated potential
of self-care.

No matter where you are in your health journey, imagine implementing proven protocols that will transform your mind and body, instilling a renewed sense of confidence and enabling you to take back your health and live in ways that were inconceivable. With each new breath, you will inhale confidence and exhale hope.

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Comprehensive & Practical Strategies

 Chronic illness can be challenging causing you to feel isolated and alone. In Facing My Giants, you will gain insight into managing and conquering the difficulties associated with chronic illness so that you can begin to live your life to the fullest. Facing My Giants takes you right into the heart of personal experiences enabling you to benefit from proven anecdotes and years of research into the various dimensions of chronic illness. You will gain insight into ways to incorporate various healing modalities, holistic treatment options, self-care practices, and lifestyle changes.

Inspirational and Empowering Stories

 Chronic illness can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. The stories in Facing My Giants serve as a source of hope, motivation, and encouragement for you the reader. This book will remind you that you are not alone in your struggles and that positive outcomes are possible and achievable.

Holistic Approach & Supportive Resources

 It is imperative that when we heal, we must heal every part of ourselves. Facing My Giants takes a holistic approach to overcoming chronic illness, addressing not only the physical aspects but also the emotional, mental, and social dimensions of the condition. We are a tri-part being, therefore, this book emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded and balanced approach to healing, incorporating elements such as self-care, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and emotional well-being. 

Execerpt from Chapter 1

The beginning

The journey of healing began to unfold when I went for what seemed like a routine mammogram. Since the age of twenty-seven, each year, when the earth completely orbits the sun, I have scheduled my exam. Unbeknownst to me, this one isolated event amidst all the other events of my life would change the trajectory of my essence. Everything I have prayed for and worked for concerning healing, health, and wholeness was about to meet destiny in a new and extraordinary way. What seemed customary to me was wrapped up in a divine appointment.

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