Dawn G. Green

Facing My Giants

Dedicated to everyone who is healing from chronic illnesses. With love, D.G.

Chapter 1 Exerpt

The journey of healing began to unfold when I went for what seemed like a routine mammogram. Since the age of twenty-seven, each year, when the earth completely orbits the sun, I have scheduled my exam. Unbeknownst to me, this one isolated event amidst all the other events of my life would change the trajectory of my essence. Everything I have prayed for and worked for concerning healing, health, and wholeness was about to meet destiny in a new and extraordinary way. What seemed customary to me was wrapped up in a divine appointment.

On the surface, the entire process appeared to be a setback, but by taking a closer look, I can see the Creator’s handiwork plotting and charting a plan that to the undiscerning eye looked like pure defeat. I’ve heard many sermons where the pastor said, “Your greatest gift is sometimes wrapped up in your biggest problem.” Looking at the circumstances of my life and how trials and hard times have played out, hearing that sentiment repeatedly has resonated so strongly with me.

By nature, I am an optimistic person, and that statement holds much weight when I view my life through the lens of all I’ve gone through. If you were in my inner circle, you would have seen how I relentlessly fought giant after giant. Some seemed like they would overtake me, but amazingly, in the end, I miraculously overcame them.

Every routine breast exam appeared to get the best of me. I was often filled with trepidation right before the mammogram because in my breasts, as far back as I can remember, I have experienced excruciating pain, and each visit seemed to aggravate it—especially in my left breast.

When I first entered puberty and started to develop breasts, I often told my mom that my breasts hurt. Each time she lovingly said, “They are hurting because you are growing.” Somehow, she equated the pain with growing pains. The many years they hurt made it seem as if the pain was a part of me. Essentially, it had become a part of my life. There was never a day my breasts did not hurt. Some days were worse than others. As I got older, I asked close friends probing questions to find out if they too had experienced painful breasts, and they all concurred that if they did have pain, it was only around the time of their menstruation.

Despite the pain, I faithfully made my appointment at the doctor’s office for this very important screening. Even if the pain was severe, I still courageously went. This day proved to be no different. I mustered up the strength and courage to brave the pain, then return home to wait patiently for the results.

What were the results? What did this routine mammogram show? 

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